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My Work



After doing much research and study on the games of the Pokemon franchise, I have decided to write and narrate this video series. Beyond just learning about what Pokemon has to offer in terms of design, I wanted to try my hand at redesigning those elements as well.

My Pet Grim

My first published work, this was mostly used to learn about how to make a game from scratch all the way to release. The majority of my time with this project was programming, cooperating design and learning to manage a company in the gaming industry.

You can play the game on Android through the Google Play Store in most English speaking countries.


Rumble Academy

An unreleased brawler for the Playstation 4 by Big Paw Games. I was brought on to create Artificially Intelligent (AI) controlled players. Using Behavioral Mathematics, I was able to get competent fighters in just 6 weeks.

The footage here is a fight with just AI players!


An entry into the GMTK Game Jam 2019, this castle was an entire metroidvania on one screen. Among all the game jams I have done, this one had over a thousand downloads!


Swing Prototype

This prototype of a simple and fun game mechanic is an extension of an original I developed that inspired and was used in a whole other project called Ailuri, developed by Vivink Studios.

Ailuri Main Art.png


The final collage project created by a team of students, the game played on PC and mobile devices. You take the role of a flying squirrel named Fidget trying to get back home as fast as possible while avoiding deadly obstacles.

Unfortunately, the files have since been corrupted and it would be unlikely that I could get you a build to play now. Sorry.


Future Projects

Fantasy Gaming

At this time I am developing small personal projects while I work on responsibilities outside of Game Development.

However, in the future I look forward to working in larger teams and perhaps even take my smaller works into bigger projects.

I never run out of ideas or love for this work so who knows where you may find me!

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