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My Work



After doing much research and study on the games of the Pokemon franchise, I have decided to write and narrate this video series. Beyond just learning about what Pokemon has to offer in terms of design, I wanted to try my hand at redesigning those elements as well.

My Pet Grim

My first published work, this was mostly used to learn about how to make a game from scratch all the way to release. The majority of my time with this project was programming, cooperating design and learning to manage a company in the gaming industry.

Although it was published on the Google Play Store for Android users, unfortunately, the game is no longer available.


Rumble Academy

An unreleased brawler for the Playstation 4 by Big Paw Games. I was brought on to create Artificially Intelligent (AI) controlled players. Using Behavioral Mathematics, I was able to get competent fighters in just 6 weeks.

The footage here is a fight with just AI players!


An entry into the GMTK Game Jam 2019, this castle was an entire metroidvania on one screen. Among all the game jams I have done, this one had over a thousand downloads!


Swing Prototype

This prototype of a simple and fun game mechanic is an extension of an original I developed that inspired and was used in a whole other project called Ailuri, developed by Vivink Studios.

Ailuri Main Art.png


The final collage project created by a team of students, the game played on PC and mobile devices. You take the role of a flying squirrel named Fidget trying to get back home as fast as possible while avoiding deadly obstacles.

Unfortunately, the files have since been corrupted and it would be unlikely that I could get you a build to play now. Sorry.


Future Projects

Fantasy Gaming

At this time I am developing small personal projects while I work on responsibilities outside of Game Development.

However, in the future I look forward to working in larger teams and perhaps even take my smaller works into bigger projects.

I never run out of ideas or love for this work so who knows where you may find me!

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