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My name is Damon Nichols, I am a game designer and programmer. I have a strong passion for story telling and fun game mechanics. I have extensive experience working with the Unity engine and coding in C# and C++. Publishing the mobile game My Pet Grim gave me the knowledge for managing a business and developing a game from start to finish. Creating my YouTube channel has sharpened my writing and voice working skill (not to mention all the elements of design I researched when looking into rebooting a franchise).

My Story

I graduated from the Academy of Interactive Entertainment Sydney with both a diploma in Programming and Game Business Management. Although I work as a full time carer for a disabled family member, I use my time effectively to learn and maintain my skills as I strive to contribute to the gaming industry.

Growing up with a controller in my hands, performing arts in my schooling and writing among my hobbies, you can say that I have always been keen to explore the mediums of storytelling. I spend time outside of work to experience a wide range of different games and to keep my perspectives on design solutions fresh and encompassing.


For games, I've always enjoyed breaking down what fun can be found in the core mechanics and working to find new, interesting and different ways to enhance the world they reside in.

My future goal is to work in a large team of creatives, to work on the projects that inspire us.


Want to chat? Reach out to me on Twitter @GameDevDamon or @RadioactiveMagi. If you are a game company, I can give my contact email from there (if I put it here, bots will spam me again).

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